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I Don't Want To Live My Life Again

Title:I Don't Want To Live My Life Again
Rating:PG-13/R for this is the dirtiest I ever got writing slash...
A/N:I wrote this for Halloween last year and no one saw it until almost December because I was waiting on Nikki and her graphic. I do love you though Nikki! Inspired by 'Pet Cemetary' by The Ramones.

Tre slowly walked up to the cemetery gates. The wrought iron looked fierce and uninviting in the moonlight. He quickly swallowed his fear as he slowly opened the gate. It creaked on it’s unoiled hinges. Tre walked in and shut the gate behind him. The wind moaned as a a couple of crunchy leaves blew across his path. Tre looked up to the statue of Mary on the hill in the middle of the cemetery.

He was waiting for him...

Tre began his trek up the path, crushing several leaves under his feet. He pulled his coat in closer as the wind grew fiercer. Finally, he made his way over to the statue and looked at the back of his head. Tre opened his mouth to speak, but he spoke first.

“You’re late...”

Tre scrunched his nose. “I’m twenty minutes early this time, Mike.”

Mike turned around and smiled at Tre, revealing a sharp pair of incisors. “You’re later than I like.”

Tre felt himself melt as Mike looked at him. His electric blue eyes seemed to reach deep into Tre’s soul, his smile making his heart skip a beat. He went closer to Mike and fell into his arms. “I missed you.”

Mike wrapped his arms around Tre and suckled at Tre’s ear a bit. He felt satisfied when he heard a small moan come from Tre’s throat. “I missed you too.”

Then, without any other words, Tre kissed Mike. Lightly at first, bu then deeper. His tongue demanded entry into Mike’s mouth. Mike obliged. he let Tre’s tongue explore his mouth. The sides, the roof, the teeth. He let out a moan as Tre felt around his fangs. He loved it when he did that.

It was Mike’s turn. He let his tongue meet Tre’s. He slowly felt around it before pushing it back into Tre’s mouth and started feeling around his teeth. He reached over into Tre’s coat and grabbed Tre’s waist. He gripped in a way to maintain his balance and not to hurt Tre, but still left a good amount of pressure.

Tre pulled away and started breathing heavily between moans. “Fuck Mike...”

Mike grinned in satisfaction as he began to unbutton Tre’s shirt. He traced his fangs along his chest before working his way up to his neck. He licked his lips and began sucking at Tre’s neck, careful not to pierce him.

Tre threw his head back and let out a series of slow moans. When Mike stopped, he nuzzled his head against Mike’s neck. “You sure know how to warm me up.”

Mike flashed his incisors at Tre. “You know how to do the same for me...”

Tre reached inside Mike’s coat and snaked his arms up Mike’s back. He inhaled deeply, taking in Mike’s scent. He exhaled a small noise of ecstasy before he reached over and slowly undid the buttons on Mike’s shirt. He kissed along the plane of his chest. He then traced his teeth along the left side of his chest and lightly bit down on the skin above his nipple. Mike let out a moan of satisfaction as Tre undid the shirt more and kissed his abdomen all the way down to his belt line.

Mike felt shivers as he felt Tre’s warm breath on his soft skin. “Not here Tre...” He helped Tre back up and kissed his forehead. “Later, I promise.”

Tre intwined his fingers with Mike’s. He looked into his eyes. “We can’t keep going on like this, Mike.”

Mike brushed Tre’s cheek and held the side of his face in his palm. “I told you a long time ago that it was safer for you and Billie to stay away.”

Tre looked into Mike’s eyes. The full moon made them seem softer. “And I told you that I can’t live without you. I love you.”

Mike blinked back tears and held Tre closer. “What are we suppose to do?”

Tre wrapped his arm around Mike’s bare torso. He lightly kissed the area on Mike’s cheek near his ear. He took a deep breath in and uttered two words. “Change me.”

Mike’s eyes widened and he looked down at Tre. “Really?”

Tre sighed and looked up at Mike, nodding. “I know you’ve been wanting to do it. Go ahead...It’s the only way I an be with you.”

“But are you ready to give up everything just to stay with me?”

Tre looked out over the graves. The wind moaned around them and the moon seemed to add a strange aura. He took a deep breath and sung, “I don’t wanna be buried in a pet semetary...”

Mike let out a weak smile. “I don’t wanna live my life again.”

“We did enough running around while you were human, Mike. Do you want to keep doing it far into this life?”

Mike let out a deep sigh and pulled Tre in as close as he could until his body felt like on with Tre’s. “I need you to close your eyes and take a deep breath.”

Tre gave Mike a small smile and kissed him. He then inhaled deeply and shut his eyes, leaning his head to the right.

Mike put his hand on the back of Tre’s neck and inhaled. “One...two...” He gripped Tre’s hand and started to bear his fangs. “Three.”

He sunk his teeth into Tre’s pale neck. He felt his sweet blood rise and flow into his mouth. He felt Tre grip harder on his hand, but he didn’t stop. A minute later, he pulled out and leaned Tre against the statue.

“Did you feel this weak after you were bitten,” asked Tre quietly, holding his sides.

Mike nodded as he got down to Tre’s level. “You’ll feel like that for the rest of the night...Don’t worry...” He then leaned over to the puncture wound and licked off the excess blood.

Tre let out a weak moan. “God, you still turn me on even when I feel like I’m dying.”

Mike smiled at Tre and leaned over to kiss him. “Thank you, Tre...”

Tre leaned into Mike. “I love you too...”

The two kissed again. Tre licked the remaining blood off of Mike’s fangs. Mike retuned the favor by feeling around Tre’s already budding fangs. When they broke apart, Tre fell onto Mike’s chest, breathing hard. “I’m tired, Mike...”

Mike shushed Tre and took off his coat, putting it around Tre’s shoulder’s “Rest, Tre.” He kissed the top of Tre’s head and put one arm on his back and one under his knees. He stood back up, picking up Tre as if he were a small child.

Tre rested his head over Mike’s heart and closed his eyes. “Are we going home?”

Mike looked at Tre’s face. The moon made his pale face seem to glow a light blue color. His slightly agape mouth revealed a tiny pair of fangs that were growing longer. Mike kissed him again. “Yeah, we’re going home.”
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