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Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year, Chapter 3:Always weigh what I've got against what I left

Title: Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year
Summary: The guys get a first glimpse of their new home and it's residents. Meanwhile, someone on the other side of town knows of the breakout. Things are about to get interesting.
Pairing: hints of Pete/Patrick; William Beckett/Brendon Urie
Rating: PG-13, I guess...
Disclaimer:I do not own Fall Out Boy or any other famous persona I managed to AU. I'm not rich, just creative.

Mona walked through the courtyard and went towards the glass doors leading into the lobby. She pushed them open and looked inside. “Anyone home?”

The guys struggled to get up the stairs that lead to the doors with all their things. “Is there anyone that could help us out,” muttered Joe under his breath. Once they reached the doors, they looked inside and gasped. The lobby was warmly lit and nothing was strewn about the place. It would have looked like an actual functional hotel if Black Flag wasn’t blaring from one of the rooms.

“This place is nice,” said Patrick in awe, “How much did you get it for?”

“We got it cheap from a private investigator about a year ago, I think. Mike was the one who bought it,” said Mona, still looking around. She turned her head towards the music. “Hey Mikey! You here?”

“I’m working...you come this way...”

Mona went down the stairs into the lobby. She turned back towards the guys and said, “Just put your stuff down there and follow me.” She tossed her jacket on the couch in the middle of the lobby and walked to where the music was coming from.

Everyone dropped their things on the ground and Pete held onto Sugar as they went down the stairs. They followed Mona and looked in on the room. The room was stocked with weapons and materials. A metal table stood in the middle and a skinny kid stood at the table, welding what looked like some sort of gun. He stopped and took off his mask and replaced them with a pair of glasses that he pulled out of his pocket. “Are these the jailbirds?”

“Yep,” said Mona with a smile, “Mikey, this is Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley, Joe Trohman, and vampire boy, Pete Wentz. Guys, this is Mikey Way. He’s the ‘gadget guy’ if you want to call it that.”

Mikey waved and smiled a bit. “Nice to meet you. It took more than a week to plan the break out.”

Pete squinted at Mikey and said, “Are those...fangs?”

Mikey bared his teeth a little more to reveal a small pair of vampire fangs. “Yep...I believe so...”

“You see, my dear Mr. Wentz,” said Mona in a fake British accent, “Mikey and his brother Gerard have been vampires since 1944. Am I right, Mikey?”

“Very right, Miss Allyne,” he said with a smile, “My brother decided to stay home in New Jersey though while I moved out here.”

“I thought Gerard went to South America to investigate the whole Chupacabra thing.”

“That was two years ago and he came back last month.”

“Um, I hate to break up this conversation,” said Andy, stepping forward, “But is there anywhere else that we need to see?”

“Relax for a second,” said Mikey, reaching under the table. “I got something to give to Mona...”

Mona gasped and started to dance a little. “Did you fix it?”

“Yep,” said Mikey, pulling an ornate piece of armor with a small raise on the top and four eight inch claws coming out from where the knuckles would be. “Better than new too.”

Mona let out a small squeal as she picked it up. “It’s gorgeous...and the claws are longer too.”

“Two inches added. Go on, press the button near the elbow.”

She pressed the button and a blade shot out and locked into place. “Mikey, you are fucking awesome.” She put it back on the table and reached over to hug him.

Patrick walked over to the table and looked at the claw. “This is amazing work. Did you make this yourself?”

“No...I’ve enhanced it several times though. How long did you say this has been in your family, Mona?”

“Six centuries, at least. Very antique.”

“Yeah, well, ever since I’ve joined up with Mona and Mike, I’ve added an extra claw, added the bar right here,” he said as he turned it over to reveal a metal bar that Mona could grip onto, “Added a trigger to make the blade lock in place easier, and have extended their length from six to eight inches.”

“Well, it’s quite gorgeous,” said Patrick in awe. “It’s almost...vampiric...in quality.”

“What,” said Pete in an angry tone, “Like something those fucking dandies would use?”

“No,” said Mona in a harsh tone, “It’s too ancient for them. Besides, I believe this was stolen from vampires centuries ago.”

Pete backed off a little and muttered, “I’m sorry. I’m still kind of...”

“I know Pete. I would be too. Just don’t let your anger out on the people around here.”

All of a sudden, a gush of wind was heard through the building and Joe looked paranoid as he looked out the door. “What was that?”

“That would be my sexy beast,” said Mona with a huge smile growing across her face. She ran out of the room and towards the lobby. “Mike!”

A tall man in black with dark brown hair and a paper bag in his hand turned around and smiled. “Hey Mo. Glad your back safe.” He hugged her and looked at Joe and Andy looking at the door. “Are those the escapees?”

“Two of them. That’s Andy,” she said as she pointed, “And that’s Joe. Pete, Patrick, get out here!”

Pete and Patrick looked out and looked at Mike. Pete looked at the newcomer and said, “Are you a vampire too?”

He nodded as he showed off his fangs. “I’m Michael Pritchard. You must be Peter. Father McLynn described your situation to us. And Mona called about the blood thing.” He handed the bag over to Pete. “It’s pig blood. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it’ll sustain your bloodlust as you wean off of blood.”

Pete put Sugar on the ground as he looked inside the bag. “Thanks...I guess...”

“Uh,” said Joe, sticking his hand in the air, “How do you wean off blood?”

“It’s kind of complicated,” said Mike, as he scratched his head, “But it’s trying to reduce your blood intake as you get older.”

Pete sat down on the couch and took one of the blood bags out of the bag. He stared at it for a second before putting it down. “I don’t know if I can do it...”

Patrick sat beside Pete and looked him in the eye. “How sick are you feeling right now?”

“Worse than I’ve ever felt to be entirely honest.”

“Well, you better drink up. You’re no good to anyone sick.”

Pete looked at the bag again and without much of a thought, sunk his teeth into the bag and felt the cold blood spray into his mouth. He was tempted to spit it all back out but the more that he tasted, the less he felt his nausea go away. Before he knew it, the bag was empty and he was licking off the residue off his fangs. He looked up at the others and tilted his head back on the couch. “God, that felt good.”

Patrick let out a lopsided grin as Mike let out a small laugh and Joe let out an audible sigh of relief. Pete noticed Mona leaning against a nearby wall, watching the others. She then sprung up and looked at Mike. “Mike, where’s Alexis?”

“I don’t know...Ask Mikey.”

“I sent her out for recon about three hours ago,” said Mikey as he walked out of his room. He met Mona’s glare and bit his lip a little. “That was a bad idea, wasn’t it?”

“Basic recon doesn’t take three hours.”

“She is right,” said Andy, jumping into the conversation, “Basic recon is an hour and a half, two hours at most.”

Mike put his head in his hands and groaned. “Did she get kidnapped again?”

Mona started cursing under her breath and went to a weapons cabinet. She pulled out a crossbow and said,”I swear, next time I have to save her ass, I’m just going to watch as those vampires tear her apart.”

“I’m home!”

Everyone turned around to see a girl standing at the door. She had dark curly brown hair and wore a pair of low rise jeans. Her top was white and flowed like silk with a denim jacket over it and a long strand of pearls hanging from her neck. She smiled as she held up a small brown bag. “I have donuts.”

Mona’s eyes narrowed as she looked up at the girl. “Is that why your late, Alexis? You went to get donuts?”

“Well, not just donuts,” said Alexis, scanning over the room, “I also had some...” She stopped and looked at Pete. She blushed a little and muttered, “Hi...”

Pete stood up and looked at her. “Didn’t I save you from some of those punk vampires?”

“Uh, yeah...you did,” said Alexis, fiddling with her pearls, “I never got to thank you.”

“Pete,” said Mike in a calm voice, “This is Alexis Donovan. She was the one who got Father McLynn to see us. Alexis, This is Peter Wentz.”

Alexis tried to wave, but Mona went up the stairs and grabbed Alexis by the wrist. “We have to talk about three hour recon missions.”

“But I got your info,” she whined as she pulled out a memory card. “What more do you want from me?”

Mona took the card away and handed it to Mikey. As he took it, Mona pointed up the stairs and said, “My room, now!”

Alexis rolled her eyes and went up the stairs. “You’re worse than my mother.”

“Your mother never had to blow a vampire’s head off on your account,” muttered Mona as she followed behind and disappeared behind the stairs.

Joe snorted a little and said, “What’s their beef?”

“Mona is just tired of saving Alexis every week,” said Mikey as he looked at the memory card, “And Alexis is tired of Mona being a bitch about it.”

“I would be too,” said Joe, thinking out loud.

“Anyway,” said Mike, shaking himself out and looking towards Joe, Pete, Patrick and Andy. “Follow me. I’ll show you around.”
“Brendon, are you just going to make them dance all night?”

William Beckett sat on an old Victorian style couch, drinking tea and watched as some of their concubines danced around the room. He looked up at Brendon Urie, who watched them passionately and moved his hand like a conductor. “Well, Brendon?”

“Are you jealous, William? Of some lifeless dolls that I can control,” asked Brandon softy, slowing the movements of his hand. The dancers slowed until Brendon stopped his hand all together. He reached his hand over to William’s cheek and slowly started to lean in for a kiss.

“Master William! Master William!”

William groaned as he pulled away and looked at the skinny girl in a tattered dress kneeling at the door. “Lacey, what did I say about knocking?! Do you want Brendon to tag you?”

Lacey looked at the ground and bowed down. “I’m so sorry, Master William. I appreciate the chance you and Brendon gave me every night I’m awake and every day I stay in the darkness. It’s just...I come bearing important news.”

“Rise, Lacey,” said Brendon, softening his voice and snapping his fingers to make the concubines go towards the corner of the room, “What is this important news that you must tell us?”

“Well, Master Brendon,” said Lacey, rising to her knees and keeping her eyes towards the floor. “It’s Peter Wentz and his group. They escaped from jail.”

William sat up and grinned. “So, the reluctant one and his friends managed to get out. I never thought they would be that smart.”

“Actually, Master William,” said Lacey, her voice wavering, “They were broken out by a girl with green hair. The guard who called said they are trying to identify her through records and such. They will call back.”

“Thank you, Lacey,” said William, his voice become almost soothing, “I’ll make sure the cook increases your portions.”

“Thank you, Master William. You are too kind.”

“Now, leave and do not disturb me for the rest of the night.”

Lacey stood up quickly and ran away from the door as fast as she could. William started to laugh as Brendon got up. “So, Peter and his friends get busted out by Mona Allyne. She never gives up, does she Brendon?”

Brendon had walked over to one of the concubines that was sitting down and staring blankly ahead. She had on a black tank top and a purple peasent skirt. Her hair was blue but the tips look like they had been dipped in ink. Brendon leaned over and kissed her neck. She didn’t move. He then moved back over to William and climbed on top of him. “Now, where were we?”

William grinned evilly and kissed Brendon. He pulled away for a second and looked into his eyes. “You know what I was just thinking about Brendon?”

Brendon leaned in closer and felt around William’s neck. “How you’d feel much better out of these clothes?”

“No,” said William, still keeping his evil grin, “How Peter Wentz would be a gorgeous addition to your collection.”

“Well, that’s a nice thought too,” said Brendon, looking into William’s eyes. He then leaned in and kissed William, slowly tracing his hand up his back.

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