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Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year, Chapter One:Don't Say It's Over...

Title:Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year
Disclaimer:Grr...I steal Andy's sword once and I'm stuck writing these forever. I do not own Fall Out Boy...blah, blah, blah...
A/N:The sequel to the video for 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me''. Prison can't keep the boys down for long...Thanks to Joey Capone...er...ango_banjo for beta-ing the fic.

Pete crouched on the bench, staring at the wall before him. He had thrown himself at the wall several times in the past two weeks in his blind fits of rage. This prison was hell. They tossed him in a windowless, bar less room with only a crappy headlamp for light right after his arrest. He had no clue what happened to Joe, Patrick and Andy and only saw the outside when they tossed him a blood bag every three days or so.

The door creaked open and Pete looked towards the outside. He hissed as one of the dumb ass officers walked in, giving him an evil grin. “Down boy. I’m not going to stake you if that’s what you think.”

“Getting a stake through the heart is much better than this Hell...”

“You’re a little drama queen, aren’t you?” The officer walked over to Pete and took him by the chin, “We don’t take lightly to drama queens.”

Pete hissed again and grabbed the officer by the neck. He cocked his arm back to punch him, but felt a shock in his stomach and collapse on the floor. He spat on the officer’s shoes and started to prop himself up. “Cheap move...”

The officer laughed and spun his stun gun around. “You want more where that came from?” He started to come down on Pete, but he backed up and looked like he had a huge shock going through his body. As he collapsed on the floor, Pete looked up and squinted at the figure in the door way.

“What the hell?”

A girl stepped over the body and propped her taser gun on her shoulder. She crouched down to Pete’s level and looked in his eyes. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah...I’m fine...but who the hell are you?!”

Before she answered, she grabbed Pete and kicked the police officer aside. “C’mon, we gotta find the others!”

Pete stood up and looked at the girl. “Others? Do you mean...?”

“Andy Hurley, Joe Trohman and Patrick Stump? Yes. They’re still alive and they’re being held in a cell on the third floor. Now, c’mon, we don’t have all night!”

Pete ran out the cell and followed the girl up the back staircase. “Have I been in the basement for two weeks?”

“It’s the only place they can keep vampires. Which is a little odd since pretty much all of this department is vampires. They fear you though...I think it’s your line...”

Pete stopped climbing the stairs and looked up at the girl as her green hair swished. “Okay, I’m not moving a step until you tell me why the fuck you know so much and why you’re breaking me out.”

The girl groaned as she looked down at Pete. “My name is Mona Allyne. I do the same thing you do. I try to kill the vampires. I was sent here by a holy man who told me the whole story.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you’re breaking us out...”

Mona pulled out a gun and pointed it at Pete. “Listen, there are some complex reasons I’m even caring about this. I could easily shoot you right now and leave,” she said quietly. Then, she moved her arm back and let the gun rest in her hand. “But I won’t. I think Mr. Wentz, you and your friends maybe what save this city. Now tell me...do you want to save them?”

Pete looked up at Mona, climbed onto the railing and grabbed the railing on her level. He pulled himself up and swung himself over. “Where exactly are they?”

Mona stepped in front of him and pulled her taser gun back out from her holster. “See that door? That goes to the third floor. They’re in the isolation cell at the end of the hall. Guards everywhere and a fat one in front of the isolation cell. I can handle a few at a time. The taser reacts pretty quick. But that Holy Man...Robert...he tells me your skills are exceptional, even for a vampire. Get in front of me and take them on and I’ll get you to the guys and out of here...” She then turned around and looked at Pete. “Can you do that for me Pete?”

Before he even answered her, he burst through the door and a loud hiss followed. Mona rolled her eyes and said,”I’ll take that as a yes.” She ran through the door after him and attacked the vampire guards that rushed at her. When one of them grabbed her, she tried to wriggle out but he tightened his grip. He started to go for her neck, teeth bared and hiss following. Mona squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the worst, but she heard another hiss and the guard was ripped away from her. She turned around and watched as Pete practically beat the guard’s head in. After a minute, she pushed Pete’s arm and shook him. “Pete, he’s dead! Stop!”

Pete stood back up and looked down at the dead body, “Yeah..well...he had it coming. Where are they?”

“The door at the end of the hall. Their cell is through there. C’mon...”

Pete and Mona walked towards the door and Mona crouched down to look at the door. She pulled some sort of putty from one of her pockets and stuck it onto the crack of the door. She backed up, taser in hand and aimed. “Stand back behind me Pete. This is going to be loud...”

As Pete stood behind her, he held his breath as she aimed and slowly pulled the trigger back. The dart shot forward, and three seconds later an explosion was heard and the room filled with smoke. Pete coughed and fanned the smoke from his face. “God! Should that explosion been that big?”

“That putty is really explosive to electricity.”

Pete ran into the room in front of the cell, jumped on the guard and started choking him. Mona ran in and yanked the keys off of the guard and inserted one of them into a panel in the wall. “Pete, can you stop choking the guy for thirty seconds and do something for me?”

Pete slammed the guard’s head into the wall and jumped down. “What?”

Mona yanked another key from the chain and tossed it to Pete. She pointed to the other side of the door and said, “Insert the key into that panel and turn it at the same time I do. It’s the only way this door will open.”

Pete nodded and took the key. He placed it in the panel and nodded at Mona. “All right...”

“Okay...on three...one...two...three!”

They both turned their keys and backed away from the panels. Several locks clicked at one time and the door popped open slightly. Pete ran towards the door and started to pull at it. Mona ran beside him and helped him open it. It swung open and Pete looked inside the cell. Andy was curled up on the bench, Patrick was staring at his feet, and Joe had his head in his lap. Patrick looked up and shielded his eyes. “Pete?”

Pete walked into the cell as Andy and Joe looked up. “Are you guys all right?”

Andy nodded and scratched his head. “We’re fine. We were more worried about you.”

Joe stood up and looked out the door. “How are we getting out of here?”

“I don’t know,” said Pete as he shrugged, “Ask Mona.”

Joe looked at Mona and looked her up and down. “Hi...”

“Wanna get out of here?”

“That’ll be nice...”

“Well,” said Mona flipping through the keys on the chain, “We’re one floor below the roof.” She patted the rope on her belt, “We can scale down the wall, but we gotta be quick because...”

As she said that, a loud alarm started to go off and Patrick groaned. “The alarm will go off...”

Mona quickly ran over to a large cabinet on the wall and unlocked the door. She flung it open and looked inside. “There’s a net gun and a sword...I assume those belong to someone in this room...”

Andy ran over to the cabinet and grabbed his sword and Patrick’s net gun. “Patrick! C’mon!”

Patrick started to grab his gun, but he fell over onto the floor and held his head. Pete crouched down beside him and put his arm over him. “Are you okay, Patrick?”

He nodded and got back up. “I’m fine Pete...just stood up too soon.” Patrick took his net gun from Andy and looked towards the door. “I think we have company coming.”

Pete cracked his neck and growled. “I got this...” He ran out into the hall and started tearing at one of the guards.

Andy spun his sword and flicked open the blade. “Well, should we join him?”

Patrick pulled the switch on the net gun and heard it charge. “Let’s...”

Andy, Patrick, Joe and Mona stormed the hallway and started fighting the guards, making their way to the door. Andy stabbed one of the guards through the heart and slashed at the others that tried to follow him while Mona and Patrick teamed up to trap the guards. Joe ran towards the door and swung it open. “C’mon guys!”

Mona grabbed Patrick’s arm and ran to the staircase. Andy quickly joined them and looked out. “Where’s Pete?”

As he said that, Pete squeezed through the door and kicked off the guard that was trying to follow him. “Shut it! Shut it!”

Andy and Joe slammed the door. They heard some of the guards banging at the door trying to open it. Joe looked out the small window in the door. “What are we going to do?”

Mona took a small strip of metal from her pocket and stuck it on the crack of the door. She signaled at Joe and said,”You two, move.”

Joe and Andy moved and Mona pulled out a lighter. Lighting the metal strip, a huge light sparked and Mona moved up the stairs. “It’s fusing the door. C’mon, I have your car in the lot.”

Joe’s eyes widened. “You have our car?!”

“Father Robert gave me the keys. Now, c’mon. If we get to your base and you get what you need, we can be at the Hyperion before daybreak.”

The four followed her up the stairs and Joe looked up again. “What the fuck is the Hyperion?”

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