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A Vicious Cycle

Title:A Vicious Cycle
Characters:Edie Harvey, Kaz Camden
A/N:I wrote this for school and have been trying to continue it for bodyandsoul100. This story got me into the finals for Young GA Authors. Wooo!!!

“Here we go again, infatuation
Touches me just when I
thought that it would end...”
~’Going to Pasalacqua’, Green Day

Great...there he is again. Kaz, my best friend when I was five and the object of my affection since I was fourteen. I only see him three times a year and I spend three-fourths of each year convincing myself that I don’t love him. When I finally do, I see him again and everything I told myself is torn down like the Berlin Wall. Yeah...it’s a vicious, never ending cycle that has been going on for four years and I don’t think I’m ever going to get out of it.

I flicked my ashes on the sidewalk as I watched him and his new girlfriend. Every time I see Kaz, he’s got a new girlfriend. They’ve ranged from quiet bookish types to the ultra crazy punkettes/anarchists. This time, it’s a living, breathing life size Barbie! Ugh...it makes me sick. He could do so much better than that! Like me, for example.

“Hey Edie!”

Oh crap, here he comes with Princess Barbie.

I took a drag from my cigarette and looked up at him as he approached. “You rang?”

His dark blue eyes seemed to glitter as he laughed and his smile looked so sincere and joyous. His shaggy black hair fell into his eyes. I love it when it does that. “Edie, this is my new girlfriend, Brittany. Brittany, this is my friend Edie.”

I extended my hand and pulled back the sleeve of my tattered BDU jacket. “How goes it?” Hey, I may of hated her on sight but I need to be courteous.

Instead of shaking my hand, she just stared at me. I could tell I was like an alien to her. With my pink and black streaked hair, my vintage Who tour shirt, my torn up, patched up jeans, my combat boots and my tattered army camo jacket with the name ‘Clarence’. All bought at a thrift store. I seemed to be a stain on her perfect Abercrombie and Eagle life. A look of disgust came over her painted on face. “Does your mother know you smoke?”

Does her mother know she gets botox at seventeen?

“Look, if your mom names you after Edie Sedgwick, I don’t think she’ll care.” I took another drag from my cigarette as a look of confusion came over this Brittany girl.

“Who the hell is Edie Sedgwick?”

Kids these days. Do they no longer tell of Andy Warhol and his Superstars? I guess not...

Before I can go down on this girl for being culture deprived, Kaz scooted up beside her and leaned over to her ear. “She was with Andy Warhol. That’s all you need to know. Why don’t you get us some drinks?”

Brittany pouted and gave me one last dirty look. She sighed and leaned in closer to Kaz and said softly, “Okay baby. Be back in a minute.” She then kissed him on the cheek and bounded off like some overactive chihuahua puppy.

I flicked the last of my ashes and crushed the cigarette butt under the heel of my boot. “That’s all she needs to know?”

Kaz walked closer to me and looked me in the eye. “You don’t have to be so hard on her Edie.”

I quickly ripped a pack of gum from my pocket and looked down as I put a piece in my mouth. Kaz only thought I did this to clean my breath, but right now, I was keeping myself from doing anything...stupid...while he was standing there. He moved to the wall space beside me and stuck his hands in his pocket. “What do you have against her, Edie?”

That you picked her over me?!

“She’s a Barbie doll, for Christ’s sake! What do you see in her Kaz?”

Kaz rolled his eyes at me and pushed his hair away from his face. God, he’s gorgeous. “She’s a beautiful person Edie. You may not see that, but I do.”

I think I almost choked on my citrus flavored gum when he said that. “Kaz, did you even see the way she looked at me? Someone who is a ‘beautiful’ person doesn’t stare at another girl like she’s a pariah!”

“She’s just not used to someone like you.”

“I figured that. Not a lot of preppy girls are used to eccentric girls with pink hair and outfits bought at a thrift store for less than a pair of her jeans.”

“See?! There you go again,” said Kaz as he stared me down again, “You’ve been cynical of every one of my girlfriends.”

I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him closer. “Kaz, you’ve had twelve girlfriends since I’ve started making these trips almost five years ago. Brittany is number thirteen. I think I’m being more cynical of how picky you are and your crappy taste in women.”

Kaz then grabbed my wrist and looked me in the eye. “If you know me so well, then what kind of girl is right for me?”

A girl like me.

“Kazzie, what’s going on?”

Kaz and I looked over to see Brittany holding two bottles of beer. Her painted pout was making my stomach churn. I let go of Kaz’s collar and he let go of my wrist. He dusted off his shirt and walked back over to her. “Nothing, baby. We were just debating something.”

I blew a small bubble and popped it inside my mouth. “Yeah, debating.”

Brittany slid her arm around Kaz’s waist and looked up at him. “Kaz, I want you to meet some of my friends. C’mon, okay?”

“Alright,” said Kaz as he looked back at me, “I’ll see you later tonight.”

Brittany then pulled at him and looked back at me. “Well...Nice to meet you, Eddie. I’ll see you around then.”

I stayed quiet as they disappeared inside the house. Once they did, I screamed, “It’s Edie, ya putz!”

I don’t think I’ll ever understand Kaz. How he could go through life with thirteen different girlfriends and never be satisfied. How he can’t even stand up for one of his best friends when his flavor of the month insults them. How could anyone love someone like that?

Oh wait...I do.

“I wish I could tell you
But the words would come out wrong
Oh if you only knew
The way I felt for so long”
~’Only of You’, Green Day
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