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Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year, Chapter Two: In My Aching Head

Title:Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year
Summary: Time to move out and onto Greener Pastures. Well, maybe not...
Pairing:Hints of Pete/Patrick. You figure out what it means...
Rating:PG-13 for language

The streets were desolate as the black car inched along the street. Joe looked out the window as he stopped the car outside what looked like an abandoned car garage. “No signs of vampires...”

Pete opened the door as Joe killed the engine. “They have to be around somewhere.”

“Oh, stop being so paranoid,” said Mona as she crawled across Andy’s lap and out of the back seat, “Robert said he’d make sure you’re place wouldn’t be invaded. Now, Pete, don’t touch the door...”

Pete raised an eyebrow at Mona. “Why not?”

Patrick got out of the back seat and walked over to the door. He brushed his hand against the metal and rubbed his fingers together. “Water?”

“He put holy water on the door,” asked Andy as he got out and stretched, “Smart preacher man...”

Patrick shook his head as he reached down and unlocked the door. “Putting holy water on the door is something of common sense. It doesn’t just repel vampires, it burns their skin off.”

Mona shot a sideways glare at Pete and said, “And you wonder why I told you not to touch it...”

Pete bared his fangs and hissed at Mona. “Are you always such a smart ass to people you’ve just met?”

“Only the ones I like...”

The large metal door slowly opened and Patrick stepped inside. Their bunker was exactly how it was left two weeks before. Patrick looked around. “Hello? Any one here?”

A small dog came racing across the room and jumped into Pete’s arms. He grabbed the dog and started petting it. “Hey there Shug...” He looked at the others as he held his dog closer. “What?”

Then, a tall man came out of the other room and looked at the five people in the room. He tipped his hat towards Mona and said, “I see they’re all here safe. Good job, Miss Allyne.”

“It’s part of my job, Father.”

Father Robert walked over to Pete and looked at him. “Are you well?”

“Now that I’m out,” said Pete as he stroked his dog on the head and it licked his face.

“What about you three,” asked Robert as he looked at Patrick, Joe and Andy, “Are you all right?”

“Well, besides being beat down by six police officers, getting hog tied in some sort of straight jacket, and getting tossed in a dark jail cell,” said Joe, his voice rising, “Yeah, I think we’re just fine...”

“Okay Trohman,” said Mona as she looked around, “You’re out now and those vampire police guards have pretty much had their asses handed to them.” She picked up an apple from the counter and tossed it in the air. As she caught it, she said, “Get what you need...we’re moving out...”

Pete looked over at her and looked at her like she was crazy. “Why should we? This place is guarded now. Aren’t we safe here?”

Robert shook his head and adjusted his hat. “No Peter...The holy water will only work for a few more days before it dries up. The vampires will be back. Mona’s residence is safer. It’s best if you leave here...”

Patrick nodded and walked over to his desk. “Daybreak is in three hours. We better get out of here quick.”

Joe and Andy nodded in agreement and went off to pack their things. Pete sighed as he placed his dog on the ground. He walked over to the counter and looked at the ingredients for the pseudo blood mix Patrick came up with. Mona looked over at Pete, then at the contents on the counter. “How does that stuff taste?”

“Horrible,” said Pete as he shuddered, “It’s managed to keep my blood lust down though.”

Mona nodded and bit into the apple she had grabbed. “Patrick Stump...that boy is quite the genius,” she muttered as she chewed up the apple bites.

Pete tossed some of the ingredients into the blender and put the lid on it. “Yeah...he’s really something.”

As the blender whirred, Mona looked around the place. “Really nice place you guys have...”

“Yeah, it is,” said Pete as he turned off the blender and took the lid off, ”I hate to leave it.” He tossed the glass back and tried his best to swallow the mix. He blanched as he put the glass back down on the counter. “Fuck, it tastes worst than usual...”

Mona stopped eating and looked at Pete. “Pete...what kind of blood did they give you in jail?”

“I’m not sure,” he muttered in a raspy voice, “I think i-”

But before he could finish his thought, he raced towards the sink and vomited the mixture back up. Patrick and Andy ran back into the room. “What’s wrong,” asked Patrick with concern, “Is Pete all right?”

Mona walked over to the sink and touched Pete’s back. “Pete, did they give you medical blood?”

Pete nodded as he wiped his mouth off. “Yeah...it was...”

Andy and Patrick grabbed Pete as Mona walked away and sat him down on the couch as he took several deep breaths. Andy looked over Pete’s face. “What exactly happened?”

Mona felt Pete’s forehead and wiped her hand on her pants. “As much as the fake blood mix was working, his body is rejecting it now that he has tasted real blood. He’s even running a fever because of it.”

Patrick looked over at Pete as his breathing started to return to somewhat of a normal level. “What do we do now?”

“I’ll call the Hyperion and see what I do. You guys keep packing up.”

As Mona pulled out her cell phone and walked to the other side of the room, Patrick and Andy helped Pete up and went back towards their practice area. Joe sat on the floor strumming his guitar. He looked up as Pete grabbed his bass and placed it inside it’s hard case. “It sucks leaving this place. This has been our home for almost three years.”

“Yeah,” muttered Pete as he closed the case and buckled it,”But what can we do?”

Andy scooped up all the stray drumsticks he had tossed about and placed them in a small black bag. “This place isn’t really safe anymore anyway. The vampire population keeps growing and some probably already know where this place is. And we’ve already lost one...”

A strange silence fell over the room. No one could really get over the loss of Dirty. A dear friend and a great member to the team, he was their informant for about two years. Patrick could still hear the vampire growls and the human scream that came over the phone before the line went dead in his head. He put his guitar in it’s hard case and latched it. When he grabbed the handle and started to turn, he let out a scream of pain and grabbed his head. Pete looked over immediately, concern growing in his eyes. “Patrick, are you okay?”

Andy stopped and looked at Patrick. “It’s the headache again, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” said Patrick weakly, “They’ve become more frequent.”

Pete raised an eyebrow. ”Headaches?”

“Yeah, I’ve been getting them every other day or so since we got to prison but I’ve been getting them once a day for about three days,” Patrick took his hand away from his eyes and took a deep breath in,”I’m all right though, it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Is everything all right in here,” asked Mona as she walked in from the other room. “I heard screaming.”

“Patrick’s got a really bad migraine or something like that,” answered Joe as he stretched out from sitting on the ground, “It’ll be gone in an hour or so. Don’t worry about it...”

Mona clicked her tongue and looked at Patrick. “All right, but don’t be too much longer with packing. How much more do you got?”

“Just some personal belongings, I guess,” said Pete, trying to answer for the group. “I still have to pack my dog’s things...”

“Riiiiight,” said Mona, turning to focus on Andy. “Don’t bother with the drum kit. There’s one back at my place.”

“Can I at least take the cymbals?”

“Knock yourself out,” said Mona as she walked away, “Just hurry up!”
“Are we there yet,” whined Joe from the passenger seat of the car.

“No, Joseph,” said Andy in an annoyed tone, “We’ve answered this sixteen times in the past half hour.”

“Well, you wouldn’t be dealing with it if Mona let me drive. It’s technically my car anyway.”

“And I told you Joe,” said Mona taking a left turn, “I know the quickest way there without getting attacked by things that go bump in the night. We’ll be there in a few minutes anyway.”

As their argument continued, Pete lightly banged his head against the back seat as his dog Sugar slept in his lap and Patrick starting to snore beside him. He put his arm around him and leaned his head on Patrick’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, your not missing much.”

The car came to a slow stop and Mona killed the engine. Joe looked out the window, then back at Mona. “Is that it?”


Joe opened the car door and got out, leaving the seat propped to let the other three out of the back seat. Pete woke up Patrick and signaled to him to get out of the car. Patrick rubbed his eyes as he stepped out behind Pete and stood beside the car. He looked up at the building. It was a huge building with several windows and balconies and it seemed to dip in the middle like it had a huge space for a courtyard or something like that. “A hotel? Your base of operations is a hotel?”

Mona nodded as she leaned against the car and smiled. “Gentlemen, welcome to the Hyperion. Home sweet home...”

Extra brownie points if the Angel reference doesn't fly over your head.
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and as i click on the cut, guess what video comes on. wtf? weeeird.

i really enjoyed this xDD

unfortunately i dont get brownie points because i dont watch TV very often :( oh well. xDD

Hyperion! Ah, the fictional headquaters for Angel and the Gang.
Yay! fictitious bonus points make my day.
Sweet story, I'm really liking it so far.